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Welcome to Auction Fundraising Academy

Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies that Really Work!

Former Denver Bronco Reggie Rivers is an experienced and talented charity auctioneer, who has helped Colorado nonprofits raise millions of dollars during the past two decades.

He created the Auction Fundraising Academy Blog as a free resource to share strategies, tips and ideas that really work with nonprofits so they can raise more money to help the constituents that they serve.

No matter how important the mission or how great the need, you can’t serve the people who need your service without recruiting supporters who are willing to give their time, their resources, their connections, their celebrity and/or their money to help you create a positive impact in the community. 

But how do you find these philanthropic supporters? How do you recruit them to your specific cause? How do you turn one-time donors into continuous supporters? These are all questions that every nonprofit is trying to answer.

Latest from the blog

Choosing the Proper Number of Live Auction Items
July 1, 2015

Don’t let your auction fall off a cliff Choosing the correct number of...

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The Paddle Raiser: A Tidal Wave of Giving
January 3, 2015

Turn your Paddle Raiser into a Tidal Wave of Giving A Paddle Raiser (aka...

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The Hamster Wheel of Fundraising
December 3, 2014

Fundraising for charity is a never-ending challenge The pressure to raise money for...

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Reggie Rivers, former Denver Bronco

Read What Our Clients Are Saying!

Reggie - You did an amazing job of engaging the guests, adding fun and banter into your work with such ease. Oh, by the way, we raised $93k in the live auction, another $30k in the silent auction and nearly $45k in the special appeal. All major records for LAEF!
Jim Chavez, Exec. DirectorLatin American Education Foundation
Reggie - We had our fingers crossed that we would hit the $50,000 mark … we could only sit and watch, amazed and thrilled, as the crowd soared past $50,000. You kept them enthusiastically giving until their generosity reached nearly $100,000!
Gino Greco, CEOAmerican Red Cross of CO & WY
Reggie - Your easygoing banter with the audience, and your entertaining style in getting everyone to join in, were wonderful to watch.
Susan Place Everhart, Exec. DirectorColorado Haiti Project
Reggie - With your help we raised $115,000 (net) on a goal of $73,000. Last year, this same event raised $40,000. We are overjoyed!
Dave Ryan, CEOBig Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado
We are so grateful to Reggie Rivers. This year he turned our annual fundraiser around, and made it into an extraordinary event! Reggie engaged with our guests quickly with genuine warmth, and quick wit. He kept everyone motivated to participate and to enjoy their opportunity to give to help others. We exceeded our goal substantially with Reggie’s ability to MC and also serve as a very capable auctioneer. Reggie went above and beyond and added appeal and excitement to the bidding process by providing autographed footballs for bidders that made generous donations. We highly recommend Reggie to any organization that wants a fun spirited atmosphere and a positive outcome for their fundraiser! Reggie you are the best!
E.J. Barklage, Exec. Director Karis Community
University of CO Hospital
American Red Cross
Caruso Family Charities
Latin American Education Foundation
Respite Care
Denver Public Schools Foundation
Denver Klife
Evergreen Country Day School

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