Why Your Organization Should Donate to Other Organizations

Chances are if you work for a nonprofit organization, you’re focused day-in and day-out on your own charity’s needs. You’re continually asking your donors to support you, and you’re constantly looking for new ways to raise money for your organization.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, however, I want to challenge nonprofit organizations to ask themselves, “Am I practicing what I preach?”

In other words, if you expect someone to donate money to your organization, are you, in turn, donating money to other organizations? Your charity does great work and helps a lot of people in need, but could it help other organizations help even more people in need too?

Take for example the idea of tithing. In the Bible we are commanded to donate 10 percent of our income to charity. When you do, it is said that the money (and sometimes more) will come back to you.

Imagine what might happen if you tithed 10 percent of your charity’s income to a likeminded organization. Perhaps that organization would do the same for another organization and then another organization and suddenly you’re responsible for a ripple effect of philanthropy among your peers in the nonprofit world.

Another way to look at this is to “flip it.” Flip it means if you want something done to you, you should do it unto others. You may have heard the expression, “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back.” It’s along those same lines.

For example, if you’re frustrated that your husband never buys you gifts, simply buy him a gift. He will want to do the same for you in return. Anytime I refer someone for a project, they are always eager to send referrals my way.

If you feel like other organizations don’t support your organization, flip it by supporting another organization. Watch that organization want to return the favor in a meaningful way.

Remember, money will flow in and out of your organization. Allow it to do so freely. Once you give to another organization, you open the door to start receiving more and more from the universe.

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS:  Don’t forget Colorado Gives Day is December 6, 2016. Might this be a good day to start practicing what you preach?


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