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Recent Auction Event Testimonials

Reggie - You did an amazing job of engaging the guests, adding fun and banter into your work with such ease. Oh, by the way, we raised $93k in the live auction, another $30k in the silent auction and nearly $45k in the special appeal. All major records for LAEF!
Jim Chavez, Exec. DirectorLatin American Education Foundation
Reggie - We had our fingers crossed that we would hit the $50,000 mark … we could only sit and watch, amazed and thrilled, as the crowd soared past $50,000. You kept them enthusiastically giving until their generosity reached nearly $100,000!
Gino Greco, CEOAmerican Red Cross of CO & WY
Dani was very enthusiastic, supportive and shared great ideas and strategies throughout the process. She was willing to help us and meet with us whenever we asked. Thank you again!
WapiYapi 2015
We were thrilled with Dani's performance throughout the entire process. We have submitted a recommendation for her and have also shared her with other's whom might be hosting an auction in the near future. Thank you for your great service.
The Grief Support Network 2015
We received a lot of positive feedback re: Dani and what a great job she did keeping the audience engaged and moving the program along, to the point where we were half hour ahead of schedule. A lot of the feedback we got was that it was a fun, entertaining night. I also thought Dani did a great job of handling "unplanned" items very well and smoothly.
St. Mary’s Catholic School 2015
We had Reggie Rivers as both our auctioneer and master of ceremonies at our 2013 Auction Kick-off event. What a great night! Reggie is an expert on working a crowd; he engaged our guests and inspired them to give. The feedback we received was spectacular; Reggie was the highlight of the night! Thank you for everything, we could not have had such a successful event without your support.
Brandi PelzDenver Jewish Day School
We were THRILLED with Dani. I have heard countless comments from guests, board and staff about what a tremendous asset she was for our event. This event had a lot of hurdles to overcome and Dani absolutely made the process easier from all angles. She supported me with advice throughout the planning process and was instrumental in making the evening successful. Her flexibility during the event was key. I can't wait to work with Dani in the future and I know Mi Casa will be counting on her talent for years to come.
Mi Casa Resource Center 2016
Reggie - Wow! You blew all of our fundraising goals out of the water. Your witty and genuine personality is one that all of our guests were drawn to. Your energy is contagious, and it is apparent in our financial results … a record $383k!! (last year was our highest at $256k) We are blown away, and attribute an enormous amount of that success to you.
Maegan Batson, Development DirectorRespite Care
In addition to giving a motivational and entertaining speech, Reggie assisted with the special appeal portion of the program. He brought with him, footballs signed by himself and other Broncos alum, with the idea of “selling” the balls at 250.00 each. The result of this idea surpassed my expectations! We sold 39 footballs at the event, raising almost 10,000 on their sales alone! These footballs, with Reggie driving the appeal, were wildly successful in supporting our program. Awesome!!
Heather VesgaardPartners Mentoring Youth
Reggie - I had to write to you immediately as I am so thrilled with the results of our event, Dinner in the Dark, last evening. YOu made it not only a memorable night for our guests, but helped us raise over $16,000 in the Live Auction and additional donations received during the evening. This is extraordinary for ACBCO! In the past the highest amount we’ve raised at one of these events was slightyly under $6,000 total. The additional $10,000 we raised was totally a result of how you presented our message, engaged the audience and contributed additional personal items. 100% of the funds from last evening will be allocated to our Sight for Seniors program.
Barbara Boyer, Exec. DirectorAmerican Council for the Blind
You cannot go wrong with the lovely Dani Espinoza leading the way to raise funds for your organization. We were in awe of her heart and her talent from the moment we began discussions with the team at Corporate Kickoff. Dani truly worked to learn and understand the mission and work of our non-profit. She was available to consult with us on every aspect from start to finish to ensure the best results on the night of the event. She was hands on in every aspect of planning and making recommendations. But, what was most amazing was watching Dani at the event. She was truly a part of the event night - mingling and meeting people, connecting with people, and sharing in the evening. As she took he stage to work her magic - she was already connected with the entire crowd. She did a wonderful job of raising funds whilst connecting with the group. She made donations available to every level in the audience - she left no dollar on the table with her strategic fundraising and her heart centered approach to raising funds. The BEST decision I made was hiring Dani Espinoza and the team at Corporate Kickoff as our fundraising partners.
Brandi J. WaitsGrief Support Network
We are so grateful to Reggie Rivers. This year he turned our annual fundraiser around, and made it into an extraordinary event! Reggie engaged with our guests quickly with genuine warmth, and quick wit. He kept everyone motivated to participate and to enjoy their opportunity to give to help others. We exceeded our goal substantially with Reggie’s ability to MC and also serve as a very capable auctioneer. Reggie went above and beyond and added appeal and excitement to the bidding process by providing autographed footballs for bidders that made generous donations. We highly recommend Reggie to any organization that wants a fun spirited atmosphere and a positive outcome for their fundraiser! Reggie you are the best!
E.J. Barklage, Exec. Director Karis Community
Reggie - Thanks in large part to the energy you sparked in the audience we netted over $111,000, more than $40k above our goal and double last year’s net.
Samilja Heim, Resource Developent Director,TESSA
Reggie - Your easygoing banter with the audience, and your entertaining style in getting everyone to join in, were wonderful to watch.
Susan Place Everhart, Exec. DirectorColorado Haiti Project
Reggie - With your help we raised $115,000 (net) on a goal of $73,000. Last year, this same event raised $40,000. We are overjoyed!
Dave Ryan, CEOBig Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado
We loved working with Dani and are excited to continue to grow this partnership in coming years.
Escuela de Guadalupe 2015
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