Auction Fundraising Academy Fundraising Success System

Fundraising, particularly event fundraising, is a tricky endeavor. You’ve got to find a venue, plan an event, recruit sponsors, enlist volunteers, sell tickets and then hope that the people in the room are feeling generous.

But we all know that sometimes the results can deviate wildly from the norm for NO APPARENT REASON!

If you’re event normally does $50,000 in the paddle raiser, and this year is suddenly leaps up to $125,000, you’ll be clapping and cheering! Unexpected generosity is a fun problem to have. Until the next year — when your board is saying, “do it again”.

Or what if it goes the other way and your paddle raiser produces just $15,000 when you were expecting $50,000? These are agonizing moments for any nonprofit.

We spend a lot of our time, thinking about events, studying outcomes and trends and developing best practices to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible result for our clients.

We have developed a “system” that allows you to maximize your fundraising. We want you to raise more money than you ever have in the past, but, importantly, we want you to have a clear understanding of the triggers that caused the increase to happen so you have confidence that you know how to “do it again” the next year.


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