Vic Lombardi will bring your fundraising event to life!

Vic Lombardi


Vic Lombardi is a Television Studio Host for Altitude TV, a Radio Host for Altitude 950 and a 30-time Emmy Award winner. He is one of the most respected sports personalities in the country.

Vic graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1991.

He resides in Golden, Colorado with his wife Terri and three children.

In addition to raising money, the event must also deliver the following:

  • ENJOYMENT:  The event needs to be entertaining and enjoyable for the the attendees. Otherwise, they won’t give generously, they won’t tell their friends, and they won’t come back the next year.
  • PURPOSE:  The charity must tell the story of who it serves, what problems that constituency faces, what the nonprofit is doing to solve those problems and how the members of the audience can help.
  • SPONSORS:  The event must honor the sponsors and other major supporters who give so generously to allow the organization to continue it’s great work.
  • FUNDRAISING:  The event must capitalize on the unique fundraising opportunity that exists when hundreds of people are gathered in a room to hear a nonprofit’s mission.
  • AUCTIONEER:  Vic knows that the auctioneer’s task is to fulfill the FUNDRAISING plank of the event by raising as much money as possible, but it’s also the Auctioneer’s responsibility to enhance the ENJOYMENT the audience experiences,enhance the feeling of PURPOSE  and impact on the organization’s mission and show respect for the tremendous value that SPONSORS provide for the event.

Vic will bring a level of high energy and humor to your next fundraising event. Your guests will love interacting with him and he will do whatever it takes to help you have a successful event.

Download Vic's Informational Flyer!

Download a free informational flyer about Vic Lombardi’s Fundraising Auctioneer services. You may share this flyer with your team or committee members before selecting an auctioneer for your next fundraising event.

Prior to Your Event…

Auction Fundraising Academy will provide and auction consultant, who is available to meet with you to help you determine:

  • The types of items that will raise the most money
  • The ideal number of items for the size and resources of your audience
  • The best order to present the items
  • Strategies for pre-determining bid amounts for big ticket items, so that you have a rough idea of how much money the items will raise.
  • Starting bid amounts for each item
  • Strategies that you can employ to enhance your special appeals and paddle raisers
  • How you can use crowd dynamics and goal setting to maximize your paddle raiser.


“Infiniti of Denver was presenting sponsor of Urban Nights held Saturday, August 22nd under the Colfax viaduct. Although a beautiful setting with all the lights & color, it really sent a message about the cause since it is where some kids sleep. A capacity crowd of 1400 attended the event for Urban Peak, which provides shelter, meals, medical care and case management to youths in need. Vic Lombardi, CBS Denver 4 Lead Sportscaster & an Infiniti of Denver long time customer, was the Master of Ceremonies. Urban Nights was a high-production fashion show with 40 models and Colorado designers and boutiques walking down Denver’s longest runway. A surprise appearance from the School of Breaking added energy and excitement.

The evening raised more than $200,000 said chairwoman Amy Meyer Smith.  Infiniti of Denver has been a partner for the past three years of Urban Nights.”

Amy Meyer Smith | Chairwoman | Urban Nights Denver

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