Pistol Pete, Peter Husak, is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and he specializes in Benefit and Charity Auctions where business and entertainment collide!

Peter Husak has more than 20 years of professional sales and marketing experience and has specialized in benefit and charity auctions since 2006. Peter is a graduate of the Worldwide College of Auctioneering and Colorado College. He is a Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS), a member of the National Auctioneers Association and the Colorado Auctioneers Association. Peter was voted the 2007 Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year and the 2010 IAAP Executive of the Year.

Pistol Pete is based in Larkspur, Colorado so it is easy to get to Denver or Colorado Springs or anywhere else in the State.

In addition to raising money, the event must also deliver the following:

  • ENJOYMENT:  The event needs to be entertaining and enjoyable for the the attendees. Otherwise, they won’t give generously, they won’t tell their friends, and they won’t come back the next year.
  • PURPOSE:  The charity must tell the story of who it serves, what problems that constituency faces, what the nonprofit is doing to solve those problems and how the members of the audience can help.
  • SPONSORS:  The event must honor the sponsors and other major supporters who give so generously to allow the organization to continue it’s great work.
  • FUNDRAISING:  The event must capitalize on the unique fundraising opportunity that exists when hundreds of people are gathered in a room to hear a nonprofit’s mission.
  • AUCTIONEER:  Pistol Pete knows that the auctioneer’s task is to fulfill the FUNDRAISING plank of the event by raising as much money as possible, but it’s also the Auctioneer’s responsibility to enhance the ENJOYMENT the audience experiences,enhance the feeling of PURPOSE  and impact on the organization’s mission and show respect for the tremendous value that SPONSORS provide for the event.

Pistol Pete will bring a level of high energy and humor to your next fundraising event. Your guests will love interacting with him and he will do whatever it takes to help you have a successful event.

Prior to Your Event…

Auction Fundraising Academy has a structured and highly organized approach to ensuring that both you and your auctioneer are prepared to maximize fundraising during your event.

One of our talented Auction Consultants will meet with you to conduct a Strategy Meeting to help you determine:

  • The types of items that will raise the most money
  • The ideal number of items for the size and resources of your audience
  • The best retail values of your live items based on your audience
  • Share our Instant Value Auction Items (IVAP) that we donate to our charity partners to help defray the event costs
  • Overview of our innovative Paddle Raiser strategy that engages the audience and turns your guests into a “Fundraising Team” committed to supporting your mission.

We will conduct a Final Details Call to:

  • Ensure that the live auction items are in the best fundraising order
  • Ensure that the fundraising elements are positioned in the most effective moments in the timeline
  • Ensure that the auctioneer has a clear understanding of unique details about live auction items, paddle raiser plants, matches, donors who should be recognized, etc.
  • Ensure that the Auctioneer has all of the live auction item sheets
  • Ensure that the Auctioneer has a completed Paddle Raiser sheet
  • Answer any final questions.

Pistol Pete's Photos

Pistol Pete's Testimonials

“You were very well received! I got so many great compliments on you! I was asked to get you on the books for next year!”

“Thank you again Peter for a terrific job! As our only fundraiser for the season it is always a nail biter. I personally want to apologize for my last minute communications. I appreciate your professionalism and your ability to pull it all together. What a class act! It was a great experience for me and I’ve heard nothing but terrific comments from attendees. Of course there is always room for improvements – and you introduced so many to us this year. Thank you!”

“Can I just say again that everyone absolutely LOVED you!!! I keep getting feedback about you being the best auctioneer we have ever had, you really set the mood, you made people feel so comfortable!”

“THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Everyone keeps talking about “that auctioneer”. You helped make the event a success!! People who have attended previously were so happy with the improvement over our other auctioneer! We even had someone who does auction fundraiser on a corporate level, for a living say you were the best auctioneer she has EVER seen. Thank you for being so awesome!”

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