Gloria Neal will make your event ``Glo.``

Gloria Neal has over 25 years of uniquely blended experience as a multi-media journalist and keynote speaker whose community engagement and on-air delivery for both radio and television has taken her all over the world–from China to Belize to France and even to Germany.

Gloria is also the President & CEO of Glo Knows Unlimited LLC offering emceeing, media consulting, voice-over talent, motivational and keynote speaking to a variety of non-profit, public and private sector organizations all across the country. This award-winning journalist is comfortable being herself in front of a camera or in front of an audience. She can definitely make your event “Glo.”

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Gloria Neal's Experience & Qualifications

She was recently named one of Atlanta’s 100 Top Influential Women for 2016 by the Atlanta Business League after only being in the city for a year. She was also selected to join the National Coalition of 100 Black Women of Metro Atlanta (NCBW) where she serves on the mentorship committee. Gloria is the President & CEO of Glo Knows Unlimited LLC offering emceeing, media consulting, voice-over talent, motivational and keynote speaking to a variety of non-profit, public and private sector organizations all across the country.

Gloria Neal is an award winning multi-media journalist whose versatility in the community, in broadcast journalism, as well as on stage has made her a much sought after talent. Glo—as she is affectionately known—has over 25 years of uniquely blended experience as a news anchor, reporter, talk show host and keynote speaker whose community engagement has taken her all over the world– from China to Belize to France and even to Germany. She is also a graduate of Leadership Denver 2009.

In addition to her years of broadcast news experience, Gloria was the weekday morning and noon news anchor for WGCL, CBS46 in Atlanta from 4:30-7am and at noon. In a short period of time, Gloria immersed herself into the Atlanta community reigniting a franchise series titled “Positively Georgia” –highlighting positive stories taking place in the lives of everyday Atlantans throughout the metro area. Her talents are also in demand to emcee a variety of civic and business events throughout metro Atlanta.

Gloria believes helping others is not an option. She is still involved with the following organizations– the Atlanta Business League; The United Way of Greater Atlanta; The National Coalition of 100 Black Women of Metro Atlanta; Atlanta Association of Black Journalists; The Colorado Association of Black Journalists, as well as the National Association of Black Journalists. She continues to be involved in the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. She also continues to emcee luncheons and galas in Colorado as well as in Georgia.

Gloria is also a strong believer in community and is very generous with her time. She has been heavily involved in philanthropic and community driven causes throughout her journalistic career. She is the immediate past President of the Colorado Association of Black Journalists. A member of the National Association of Black Journalists; former Board Member of the American Red Cross Board–Mile High Chapter; Served as the Honorary Chair for the National Kidney Foundation 2014; Served as a board member of the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation Board, as well as a board member on the Wildlife Experience.

Currently, Gloria Neal is the Special Assistant to the Chairman of Fulton County for Community Engagement. Community involvement is something that comes naturally to her. In this role, she coordinates partnerships with community leaders, as well as serves as a liaison between professional, business and civic groups for the chairman of the largest county in Georgia. In addition, she recommends strategies for promoting programs and services of the county. Glo also works with the director of Fulton County Govt TV to ensure programs and county news are displayed on the station. She also attends townhalls, meetings and events with or on behalf of the chairman.

Gloria Neal's Testimonials

United Way Greater Atlanta

I’ve never seen a journalist embrace a community so fast, and in turn, be embraced until “Glo.” She is truly a breath of fresh air in Atlanta, and we’re lucky to have her.
~Milton Little, Jr., President & CEO

Atlanta Business League

Gloria arrived in the Atlanta business community and charmed us with her down-home professionalism and eager passion entertaining crowds.  She not only provides energy to wake up an event, but she also provides the electricity!
~Leona Barr-Davenport, President & CEO

Delta Dental of Colorado (formerly w/Anthem, Atlanta, GA)

Gloria Neal is a consummate professional and seasoned journalist. She engages her audience with warmth and enthusiasm. She has a thirst for knowledge and lives a full and abundant life. She was part of my morning routine in Atlanta for almost 2 years and I loved starting my day with her fresh perspective. Her passion for diversity, knowledge, community engagement and journalistic excellence has made her a powerful force in both Denver and Atlanta.
~Helen Drexler,  CEO

Colorado Mountain College

Gloria Neal is truly a unique and authentic media and communications professional. Her personal brand, style, and trustworthiness are rare and invaluable in this day and age. She is a natural leader and role model for others, who is wholly and completely dedicated to her community.
~Carrie Besnette Hauser, Ph.D., President & CEO

Clear Channel, Colorado

On the radio, Gloria’s personality jumps out of the speaker. She has an innate quality to sound like a friend, rather than a talk show host. Gloria is a genuine, one-of-a-kind personality who truly connects with her audience.
~Greg Foster, Vice President Programming

Denver Post

Gloria is a consummate professional with an effervescent personality to go with solid journalistic credentials. Her appeal transcends race and class. She has achieved crossover status.
~Greg Moore, Former Editor (Retired)

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