Debbie Scheer will liven up your event with her energizing humor!

Debbie Scheer is a licensed auctioneer, emcee and humorist who resides in Denver CO. Having been a humorist and emcee, Debbie decided to pursue a career in auctioneering to combine her love of humor and her passion for non-profits. Ultimately she wanted to find a way she could help the organizations she cares about raise as much money as possible during their fundraising events.

Debbie’s gift is her ability to connect with the audience by way of humor and thus, she can connect the audience to the organization’s mission. She does this with grace and humor and an unyielding passion for all things fundraising.

Debbie is a connector by nature and as someone who has worked in the nonprofit sector for several years, has a deep understanding of how critical it is for an organization to have a financially successful event. Debbie deems an event a success if the organization raises or surpasses their fundraising goals AND if the guests are excited to attend the event the following year!

In addition to raising money, the event must also deliver the following:

  • ENJOYMENT:  The event needs to be entertaining and enjoyable for the the attendees. Otherwise, they won’t give generously, they won’t tell their friends, and they won’t come back the next year.
  • PURPOSE:  The charity must tell the story of who it serves, what problems that constituency faces, what the nonprofit is doing to solve those problems and how the members of the audience can help.
  • SPONSORS:  The event must honor the sponsors and other major supporters who give so generously to allow the organization to continue it’s great work.
  • FUNDRAISING:  The event must capitalize on the unique fundraising opportunity that exists when hundreds of people are gathered in a room to hear a nonprofit’s mission.
  • AUCTIONEER:  Debbie knows that the auctioneer’s task is to fulfill the FUNDRAISING plank of the event by raising as much money as possible, but it’s also the Auctioneer’s responsibility to enhance the ENJOYMENT the audience experiences,enhance the feeling of PURPOSE  and impact on the organization’s mission and show respect for the tremendous value that SPONSORS provide for the event.

Debbie Scheer will bring a level of high energy and humor to your next fundraising event. Your guests will love interacting with her and she will do whatever it takes to help you have a successful event.

Prior to Your Event…

Auction Fundraising Academy has a structured and highly organized approach to ensuring that both you and your auctioneer are prepared to maximize fundraising during your event.

One of our talented Auction Consultants will meet with you to conduct a Strategy Meeting to help you determine:

  • The types of items that will raise the most money
  • The ideal number of items for the size and resources of your audience
  • The best retail values of your live items based on your audience
  • Share our Instant Value Auction Items (IVAP) that we donate to our charity partners to help defray the event costs
  • Overview of our innovative Paddle Raiser strategy that engages the audience and turns your guests into a “Fundraising Team” committed to supporting your mission.

We will conduct a Final Details Call to:

  • Ensure that the live auction items are in the best fundraising order
  • Ensure that the fundraising elements are positioned in the most effective moments in the timeline
  • Ensure that the auctioneer has a clear understanding of unique details about live auction items, paddle raiser plants, matches, donors who should be recognized, etc.
  • Ensure that the Auctioneer has all of the live auction item sheets
  • Ensure that the Auctioneer has a completed Paddle Raiser sheet
  • Answer any final questions.


Debbie Scheer's Photos

Debbie Scheer's Experience

Debbie Scheer is a humorist, emcee, benefits auctioneer and professional speaker who resides in Denver Colorado with her two young boys. Her perspective on life, thus her comedy, has an element that will get a laugh from anybody. Her comedic timing is naturally clever, while the punchlines show off her kind but provocative nature. She is dedicated to her laugh-craft and it shows on stage.

Debbie brings to her comedy an authentic and vulnerable space as she shines the brightest of lights on the topics that we may feel shy talking about. She approaches topics such as sexuality, adoption, single parenthood with such raw vulnerability and this in turn creates an inclusive space for her audience to let down their guard and view the topics through a different lens. Debbie passionately believes combining humor with education is the only way to approach these oftentimes hilarious topics.

Debbie has performed at such places as, Comedy Works South, The Improv Comedy Club in Tempe, AZ, Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, Lannie’s Clocktower, Blush and Blue, Crossroads Theater, Colorado Pride Festival and many other fantastic places.

An Estrogen Fueled Comedy Show. This show empowers and educates women on topics relevant to their lives. Broadsided debuted in February 2016 and has been selling out crowds ever since. Debbie’s newest creation is a one woman story telling show called, Tracksuit Chronicles: Stories for the Long Haul. Tracksuit Chronicles covers topics such as adoption, parenting, love and loss, mental health and GLBTQ issues. Join Debbie on May 24, 2017 for the debut of her show.

As an emcee, Debbie brings a rare gift of effortlessly connecting people with causes. A successful emcee, Debbie combines both skill and personality to keep the schedule moving seamlessly and the crowd engaged for the duration. When she is emceeing a fundraiser she is passionate in her appeal and beautifully finds the thread that ties an entire audience together. She empowers the audience to make a commitment to the cause and it shows in the donations received.

A Grand Gesture Monthly Show (Comedian)
KESHET Annual Fundraiser (Comedian)
Lincoln Elementary School Annual Fundraiser (Emcee)
African Caribbean Heritage Camp (Comedian and Educator)
TAFICITY: Annual Fundraiser (Emcee & Comedian)
Business Franchise Networking Group (Comedian)
Colorado PRIDE 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017: Emcee Womyn’s stage (Emcee & Comedian)
The pump and Dump (Comedian)
Mona Lott’s Stand Up Strip Down comedy show (Comedian)
GLBTQ Comedy Show at the Dairy Center for the Arts (Boulder) (Comedian)
Something Fabulous Variety Show: Hosted by Jordan Wieleba (Comedian)
Capitol Hilarity: Hosted by Penny From Heaven and Jordan Wieleba (Comedian)

Black Ice Women’s Rugby Annual Fundraiser (Comedian)
SexCom and Are You Smarter than a Sexologist? (Comedian)
Colorado Youth For A Change: Comedy Edition Happy Hour (Comedian)
StoneWall of the West: Slam poetry and Comedy Show (Comedian)
Metro Denver Dental Foundation: Feed the Foundation Fundraiser (Emcee & Comedian)
Mother’s Day 5k 2015 (Comedian)
The Great Create: Annual Fundraiser (Emcee)
Fiesta De Mayo: Annual Fundraiser (Emcee)
SheDot Comedy Festival, Toronto Canada
The Spring Cafe (Auctioneer)
Heritage camps (Auctioneer)
Broadsided Comedy (Producer and Co-host)
Tracksuit Chronicles: Stories For The Long Haul

Debbie Scheer's Testimonials

United Way Greater Atlanta

If you’re looking for a rock star emcee, look no further than Debbie Scheer. Debbie delivers her hilarity finely tuned to the personality of the crowd. She kept everyone at our fundraiser doubled over in laughter and had them writing their donation checks with a smile on their face. Run, don’t walk, to book Debbie for your next event.

~ Elementary School Fundraiser

Atlanta Business League

I’ve seen Debbie perform at many events including SexCom, Something Fabulous, and The Pump & Dump.  I keep going to see her perform because she’s funny…hilarious in fact. Whether she’s telling stories about being a mom, a daughter, a single lesbian, a friend or a concerned citizen…she has the ability to make me (and everyone else) howl/cry/hoot with laughter.  She is Denver’s best kept comedic secret…hopefully not for long…everyone should laugh that hard.

~ Heather

Delta Dental of Colorado (formerly w/Anthem, Atlanta, GA)

Debbie is truly a gift to the comedy world. She is wildly hilarious and weaves her edgy humor into everyday life experiences. We make it a point to see Debbie in action every chance we get because she is just that good!!! Do yourself a favor and check her out, you can thank me later.

Rosalyn Scheer

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